Get Connected Through the Truth

The sermon series that we are going through right now, ?Life360, ? has been exciting to preach. The sermon on April 27 dealt with ?Faith: Broadband Beliefs, ? the idea that our faith is developed when we hear, read, and study the Bible and then live it out. The exciting part of that sermon was the realization that, even though each of us has an individual faith, we are connected by the common beliefs of the Bible. OK, we ?ve probably understood that at a very basic level, that we share biblical beliefs in common. However, not only do we have common understanding of facts found in the Bible, but that foundational faith connects us together.

The sermon pointed out Hebrews 10:25, which tells us to meet together and to encourage each other. About what? We went back to Hebrews 2:1 for the answer: ?We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. ?

If we truly want to live the ?abundant life ? that Jesus promises us (John 10:10), we need to hold on to what we have heard from God ?s Word, and we need to read it and study it, and then we need to live it. But we don ?t have to do it on our own. We are members of one body, and we need to continue meeting together so we can encourage each other and make sure that ?we do not drifty away. ?

Obviously, we cannot neglect coming together to worship on Sunday morning. It ?s the best place to find the core of discipleship ?worship, study, fellowship, service, witnessing, and prayer ?all in one place. I ?d suggest, however, that the single hour is only a portion of what we need to connect to each other through the truth of the Bible. If you ?re not a member of one of our Sunday morning Adult Bible Fellowship groups, start checking them out and find one where you can connect with adults who are near your age or who are in your stage of life. These groups meet to study the Bible and to fellowship, encouraging each other so that we do not drift away.

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