One Body, Many Parts

It has been only one day that the team has been gone to Slidell, Louisiana, and I am suddenly aware of the truth of Paul’s comparison of the church to a body. Sure I understand the basic concept of “we’re all different” with different gifts and talents. But it wasn’t until Sunday evening did I fully comprehend the interconnectedness, the dependence we truly have and need in the church.

I have to admit that not everything went as well as I had hoped throughout the day. I know that the whole staff planned ahead to make sure that all of their roles were covered. I know that the volunteers were in place and were prepared. But even with all that in place, all it takes is one little thing or the coincidence of a few little things (forgetting to turn the heat on the night before, a missing organ key, etc.) to make you realize how much we depend on each other to get the job done.

And it’s not just a matter of getting work done. A body isn’t healthy if the parts aren’t connected. That’s why we need to stick together. And when we find that some of our parts aren’t connected the way they ought to be, that’s when we need to bridge the gap. Sometimes we will get sick, go on vacation or missions trips, or even just get mad at each other. Regardless of the reasons why we get disconnected, we always need to work on bridging the gap between members of the body.